Data Breach Response


Our team of incident response handlers have years of experience dealing with data breaches across the United States. We specialize in data breach response services. We have a fast turnaround for security incidents, no matter how large the scale. The data breach response team will setup a call-center immediately to respond to incoming questions on the data breach. We will help create and send the breach notification letters. And our team of security experts are available to determine what happened, and recommend steps to prevent it from happening again.

We have retainer services that give your team the assurance that security experts will be available to assist in the event that a major data breach occurs at your organization.



01. Data Breach Notification Services
Let us handle the data breach notification process. We will design the letters and get them in the mail before the notification period ends.

02. Immediate Call Center
We will create a call center to handle large volumes of customer inquiries. Trained incident response agents ready to take the calls.

03. Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Services
We can offer identity theft protection and credit monitoring services quickly to help alleviate concerns from your customers.


01. Data Breach Investigation
02. Data Breach Remediation
03. Forensic Investigations

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