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Cloud Applications Monitoring And Security Controls

We are seeing more and more applications move to the cloud. As applications move the the cloud, so does your information. At Managed Security Services we believe it is important to not only monitor cloud applications, but to perform thorough vetting on the security controls of the cloud application vendor. We have a number of services designed to protect your cloud applications. We do not believe in one-off security tools or additional applications to prevent a data-breach in the cloud. We believe in old fashioned security monitoring.

Our team of security analysts monitor for security threats around the globe. We add your cloud application logs to our state-of-the-art SIEM solution or we can monitor your logs live directly from the cloud application. If there isn’t a way to get your security logs to our SOC, we create a custom tailored security program for your specific application.

QRadar Services

  • WorkDay Security
  • SalesForce Security
  • Office 365 Security

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